In 1949, Forrest O. Rundle and Don Rundle established the Columbia Heating Company. Working out of his home at 24959 Royalton (which is now the current location of Rundle Heating & Cooling, Inc) Forrest and Don installed new furnaces, ductwork and roof flashing on new homes. Forrest purchased the old blacksmith shop, moved it back from the road, bought a shear, a brake (for sheet metal) and a Pittsburg lock former, establishing what is now known as "the shop".

Coletta, wife of Forrest, was the clerk along with managing their 5 children. In 1959 the business was absolved. Forrest went to work for The Republic Steel Corporation as an electrician. Don went to work for the Chevy plant in Brookpark. In 1962, Forrest bought a Volkswagon Transporter van stocked with tools and parts from a woman whose husband had died and had been in the heating business.

That year Forrest started Rundle Heating Service. He worked predominantly with oil and later picked up more work with gas. Some of his early clients were Cuyahoga Landmark and Cartwright Sheet Metal. Forrest's son, Tom, started working with him after going to Oil School in Columbus for two weeks in 1971. The following year, another one of Forrest's sons, Dennis, starting working with his father and brother. When Bill, another son, returned from the Army in 1973, he also joined the business. In 1976, Edward, the youngest boy, joined his family. In 1978, Rundle Heating & Cooling was incorporated.

Mary Jo, Forrest's only daughter, later joined the business in 1980 as the secretary. She is now the Office Manager/Bookkeeper for the business. Along with Mary Jo, Dennis and Edward are also still working for the business. Bill left in 1982 and Tom in 1991 to pursue other interests. Rundle Heating & Cooling, Inc. now services over 3,500 customers in the Lorain County, West Cuyahoga County and Northern Medina County areas.


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